What Kind Of Dog Is Bolt

What Kind Of Dog Is Bolt

What kind of dog is he in Bolt?

Probably a German shepherd.

It may be Siberian ... but its eyes must be blue.

I am convinced that this is GSDE.

My son wants a dog like Bolt. German Shepherd ... seriously? Don't look like patches. I ping, the answer will be less.

Bolt is a pastor. At the beginning of the Disney Special, it was quoted.

German Shepherd Dog Or do you want Tom Hanks or Jennifer Aniston's dogs to be used as animated models?

Looks like a Siberian dog. Strawberry eyes can be any color, and strawberries do not always have blue eyes.

It is also possible that it was a German Shepherd dog. The shape of the cartoon makes it difficult to tell which breed they are looking for.

Or maybe it's just a stray dog!

What Kind Of Dog Is Bolt