What Is The Southernmost State

What Is The Southernmost State

What is the southernmost capital of India?

The city of Calicut - now known as Kozhikode - derives from the Malayalam expression Koyil Kodu, meaning fortified palace, which was later anglicized as Calicut. It is the capital of Malabar and is located on the north coast of Kerala, so the beaches are washed by the Arabian Sea.

So what is the southernmost state of India?

Tamil NaduDo you also know which state is located in southwest India?

State of KeralaPeople also ask: What is the southernmost capital of India?

ThiruvananthapuramWhat is the southernmost border of India?


Is Goa a South Indian state?

Southern India. Southern India is made up of seven states: Maharashtra (capital of Mumbai, formerly Bombay), Andhra Pradesh (capital of Hyderabad), Karnataka (capital of Bangalore), Kerala (capital of Kochi, formerly Cochin), Tamil Nadu (capital of Chennai). , formerly Madras), Goa and Pondicherry.

What is the end point of India?

Indira Point What is South India known for?

South India is known for its rich food, culture, beauty and people. South Indians respect their traditional values ​​and embrace the culture. Most of them are law-abiding citizens. You have placed great emphasis on education and art.

What is the lowest place in India?

  1. Lowest point in India. Kuttanad is the lowest point in India, 2.2m below sea level and is located in the state of Kerala, in the districts of Alappuzha and Kottayam.

How many ends are there in India?

You will find that India is located in the south-central part of the Asian continent, which borders the Indian Ocean and with its two arms extending in the shape of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

What is the best language in South India?

The 4 Best Languages ​​of South India Language of South India No. 1. Telugu: South Indian language no. 2. Tamil: South Indian language no. 3. Kannada: South Indian language n. 4. Malayalam:

Is Maharashtra a state in the South?


Maharashtra is divided into central, western and southern India, and some districts are also found in eastern India. But geographically they are to the south: all the states north of Maharashtra are to the north and all the states to the south (including yourself) are to the south. Culturally they are a blend.

What is the easternmost border of India?

THE HIGHEST BORDER IN EAST INDIA IS KIBITHU ARUNACHAL PRADESH. … The westernmost limit of the northern arc is Guhar Moti in Gujarat. The easternmost limit of the northern arc is Kibithu in Arunachal Pradesh. Guhar Moti is the westernmost part of the village in India.

What is the second capital of India?

Raid and incorporated into the Indian Union in 1948, Hyderabad remains the capital of the state of Hyderabad (1948-56) when the 1956 reorganization law was passed. Hyderabad became the capital of united Andhra Pradesh, in 2014 the state of Telangana it was formed after the partition of Andhra - Hyderabad City

What is the westernmost state of India?

State of Gujarat How many states are there in 2019 in India?

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What is Central India?


What is the ancient capital of India?


What is Indira Point’s specialty?

Indira Point is a village in the Nicobar district of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. It is located in the Grand Nicobar Tehsil. It is the southernmost point of the territory of India. Indira Point Lighthouse was inaugurated on April 30, 1972.

What Is The Southernmost State