What Is The Opposite Of Red

What Is The Opposite Of Red

What is the opposite color of red hair? 3

My friends and I have been giving our hair a natural color for some time, but we all have blonde hair. What is the opposite of red? Another, blonde brother, what's red? Or orange ... I don't really know why we call it red when it's orange.

Unlike red, I'd say it's blue, I'm not so sure, but orange is hard.

Well, in my opinion, the opposite of red is blue and the opposite of orange is green. I don't know the opposite of natural rooks. p which helps.

Hmmm ... well, in the theory of color, brother is just a pale dark red version ... so if brother has blonde hair, I think there is a pale dark blonde version as opposed to red.

I mean blonde.


However, on a wheel of true color, there is blue as opposed to orange and cyan as opposed to red.

What Is The Opposite Of Red