What Is The Opposite Of Gray

What Is The Opposite Of Gray

What is the opposite color of gray? 3

I wonder what it could be? I mean purple is the opposite of yellow and orange is the opposite of blue (etc) ... so 10 points we will never know ... oh ... what are my sister's other colors too?

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The pink alley is light green ...

Well, technically, they don't have opposite colors.

Gray is halfway between y and y, so it's not there. How much is pink ... Is pink a different color? No, because it's red.

My brother doesn't know

On the color wheel, the neutrals (brother, and and gray) are in the middle, I'm not sure in what order, but gray and brother can go together.

How are you



For neutral colors on the color wheel so that it is the opposite ... I help !!!

Gray contrast color

The opposite pole of gray is gray itself. Common colors (spectrum: R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.) are part of the spectrum or color wheel. There, each of them has a completely different color (the other side of the color wheel). However, gray is not included in the spectrum. In fact, it is not even gray. Gray is exactly between e and. And this is the absence of pigments made up of all the basic oil colors (red, blue and yellow). An and e are not included in the color spectrum and gray is in between. There is no such thing as a perfect gray because there are only two colors in a particular look. Therefore, if some kind of color wheel was based solely on you, it would be perfect at the top, for example, and then a perfect e should be at the bottom in the middle of each page (left and right)) then gray Has no opponents.

What Is The Opposite Of Gray