What is React Native?

Is React Native really native app development or is it just javascript based apps? The answer is Yes, and calling React Native apps javascript based apps is totally false. It produces fully native Android and iOS apps, not a webview. React Native has also been considered by some programmers as an ultimate solution and Write Once Run Anywhere language. The reality is that in this case apps are built using Javascript and React. Most of the code is similar to React for web apps, but there are few differences. There is no such thing as div or a paragraph in case of React Native apps. Instead and components are available which directly map to native Android and iOS components. Also, if a programmer decides to leave React Native and work on either Android of Swift, it is possible to eject the code and start working natively without any worries. Because, the code written using React Native is compiled into native Swift or Android. There are four types of React Components components, 1) React Native Components, 2) Community Components, 3) Core Components and 4) Your Native Components. Also, there are four key concepts of React : 1) Components, 2) JSX, 3) Props and 4) State. While beginning to develop apps using React Native, it is important that there is someone in the team who knows the Android and iOS platforms. In addition, it is recommended to utilise native code where necessary. Finally, a well polished user experience requires care from the developers.