What Is Parse Server?

Are you new in the backend development world and not familiar with server-side platforms like Parse? Then you must read this thread. I am going to discuss what is Parse server is and its main features here.

What is Parse Server?

Parse Server is basically Facebook’s open-source BaaS framework that is developed in founded in 2011. After the popularity of its popular features, Facebook acquired it in 2013. Facebook open-sourced it in 2016.

Parse Server Features

Here are the core features of Parse Server:

Easy to Manage Applications: It is seamless to administer and maintain data models of your applications by using this Parse Server. You can also easily set up and monitor data by using the all-in-one dashboard of Parse.

Social Logins: If you are willing to connect your app with social media platforms, then Parse is the best option. With just a few lines of code, you can connect your apps with social media.

ACLs & CLPs: If you are worried about data and set up permissions, then features like ACLs and CPLs are going to assist you a lot. You can also specify user permissions here.