What is NEO GAS?

Anyone who has spent some time in the crypto space must have heard about Neo Network. Neo is the blockchain-based platform. GAS is the cryptocurrency that is used in the Neo Network. People often get confused between Neo and Gas. Gas is the cryptocurrency generated by the Neo Network. Gas is used as the token that is used to have seamless and smooth transactions on the Neo blockchain network. GAS gives fuel to the Neo Network and is used by the decentralized platform to create energy and carry out every transaction on the network. If you want to understand more about Neo Gas, then visit the Cryptoknowmics website.

Trading investors in the crypto space can be defined as an in-depth trading analysis. It was introduced in the crypto long back to get good trading analysis. Crypto traders claim that good trading can only be achieved through careful analysis of data. This is what tradingview indicators are used for. If you are looking for the best tradingview indicators, then visit the Cryptoknowmics website for more information. Cryptoknowmics is a platform to get all your answers related to the crypto space and blockchain technology. Know and get the latest updates about the industry at Cryptokwmics every day.