What Is Magnitude

What Is Magnitude

What is meant by measurement in physics?

Size is a step without direction.

In elementary school, we focus on size.

In high school, we enter the X, Y coordinates.

These are the x, y coordinate dimensions.

In these 2 dimensions the unit vectors I and j are in each direction.

So if P = ai + bj

P is the square of the size or length (a 2 + b 2), which is equal to the length of the line in the x, y points.

So, in 3 dimensions, P = ai + bj + cj, size is || P || = Square (a 2 + b 2 + c 2)


The number is calculated with the corresponding units

Quantum vectors are known by their direction and size. The amount is the length of the vector. SD speed is the dimension of the vector. SD

Size is number + unit

It's so easy ˜ ° ŸÂ˜Â ‹° ŸÂ“

When something is measured, it is measured as an expression. Quantity means numbers (w many) and units.

Each cone has a unit. For SD it is 50 kilometers per hour. Kilometers per hour is the unit and the number of revolutions is 50 W is the fastest movement.

Size has no direction, it's technically just size. This is a scale or adjustment and should have a number. If you move 9 cm north and then 13 cm north, the brightness will be 22 cm (be careful, the answer is not 22 cm north because there is no direction in terms of brightness).

What Is Magnitude