What Is Intermodal Transportation?

You may consider different modes of transport when dealing with a significant amount of goods to transport. You may look for different ways to deliver the goods swiftly and satisfy your customers with adequate services.

Freight management services help in the successful shipment of goods to their destinations. Much of your business is dependent on the mode of transport you use for the delivery of your goods. That means you need to depend on all transportation modes and have them on board to do your operations.

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Do you know about all the different modes of goods transportation? Freight management from other sources goes hand in hand, and that is what we call intermodal transportation. Let’s read more about what you need to know about intermodal transport.

What Is Intermodal Transportation?

It uses the combination of two or more modes of transport for the delivery of goods to their required destinations. It can be either through ships, airplanes, trains, buses, cargo vans, or ground trucks.

Depending on the numerous circumstances such as time limitations, goods’ weight, safety, and more, you can select different modes. Intermodal transportation has taken a paradigm shift in recent years, and do you know why? It is because of the ease and benefits that it gives in terms of delivering the goods.

Benefits Of Intermodal Transportation

An intermodal transportation system is the most effective solution for long-distance transport.


A benefit of intermodal transportation is that it becomes a cost-efficient solution for long-distance cargo movement from the origin to the destination. When you move your cargo via train instead of the road, much of your fuel for TEU (Twenty foot-equivalent Unit) is saved. That makes it a budget-friendly solution for long-distance cargo movement.

Better Capacity

Capacity is not easy to come by. You can take this advantage in intermodal transportation. It allows you to send more oversized shipments for longer distances with more capacity. You are not solely dependent on truckload capacity. You can diversify your capacity with intermodal transportation.

Safe And Reliable

Intermodal transportation is a safe mode to transport your goods. It eliminates the process of handling the freight itself. Moreover, there are terminals, ramps, and railroad tracks that are secure. This improves safety and reliability, thus helping in the safe transportation of goods.


Intermodal transportation is a more sustainable choice. Because it involves the movement of rails, it can significantly decrease the need for trucks. By using rail as your mode of transport you help to significantly reduce fuel consumption and reduce environmental damage.

How Do You Know If Intermodal Is The Right Choice For You?

Are you thinking about opting for intermodal transport but are confused about it? The primary considerations for intermodal transportation are to check for transit times and distance. If you have to send your shipments over longer distances, you may need intermodal transport. Also, if you are dealing with larger loads, intermodal transportation is ideal as you can double stack them.

Moreover, intermodal transportation is useful if the value of the cargo is intermediate. It would be suitable to ship by airplane if the load has essential significance. Intermodal is also ideal if you have to send something regularly to the same place.

What Are The Most Common Intermodal Terminologies?


Double Stacking Of Containers (Container On A Flat Car)


Baseframe of a motor vehicle

Ramp To Ramp

The movement of shipment from the closest intermodal ramp (the shipper) to the intermodal ramp (receiver)


Trailer on a fixed chassis on a rail car (Trailer On A Flat Car)

Bad order

Freight that has been improperly loaded


Group of rail cars destined for the same location


Pickup or delivery of freight


To which the freight is shipped


Intermodal transportation is a facility you must avail to send your shipments cost-effectively over longer distances. They are sustainable and flexible solutions for many companies who regularly have to ship things to different destinations. Get connected to a reliable transport company such as DSONS Transport to start shipping today.