What Is Grog

What Is Grog

Is it big And what does it taste like? ۔

I go to this page:

The wine is a very strong Jamaican mix and water used by the Royal Navy until Baby Free closed around 1969.

In hot water. Name of a naval officer whose ration is running low. He always wore a lousy gargoyle coat, so he was called an old gargoyle.

Oh wait ... this is just a story.

4 glasses of water.

1 lemon, juice.

1/2 cup Vermont or Cyan Sugar or Maple Syrup.

4 cinnamon sticks

16 ounces black.


Boil 1 water in a saucepan.

Dissolve sugar in boiling water.

3 Stir and lemon juice.

Carefully pour 4 drinks into a heat-resistant cup or cup with 1 cinnamon stick.

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What Is Grog