What Is Dual Pd

What Is Dual Pd

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My PD is 69/66 ... but most online double PD sites only come in at 40. So what should i do Thoughts?

The PD you get is the distance between your eyes (distance 69mm for vision, 66mm for reading glasses).

Duplicate PD measured from the middle line of the nose. In other words, the numbers on the right and left add up to 69 for your distance view.

So your options are:

1. Place your nose between your eyes and use 34.5 for right and left.

2. Measure your duplicate DP. This becomes even more important with improvements and longer focal lengths. So it's important that you trust your recipe.

Measuring just two PDs will be much more complicated than measuring the distance between your eyes.

Order online.

If your PD is 69/66, you may need focal length. Unless you want parallel focal lengths, you need a double PD called monocular PD, which means one PD from each eye. 69 which is the level of disability you have, meaning both eyes are together. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

You can try ordering verfocal lenses. If you try to order progressive lenses online, you will be very disappointed.

What Is Dual Pd

What Is Dual Pd

The problem is that your PD has no boundaries, which would be double PD.

Don't duplicate ... Give 69 if it's a gel spacer or 66 if it's a gel.

What Is Dual Pd