What Is Compliance Depot Mean

What Is Compliance Depot Mean

How does Reptrax work?

| If a facility chooses to use one of the companies, the identification of that company defines a requirement for access to the facility. Both companies provide kiosks at the facility where vendors and other vendors can sign up and print a document confirming that they have been approved by the company.

Is Reptrax the same as IntelliCentrics?

Reptrax, powered by IntelliCentrics, is North America’s largest and most trusted healthcare provider and is used in over 6,000 healthcare departments with over 400,000 users.

How much does the supplier partner cost?

Supplier companies pay a fee for all supplier representatives who share a tax identification number (TIN or EIN) for a particular healthcare system. The standard price ranges from 25 to 250.

I was also asked how do I sign up for Reptrax?

  1. Release date.
  2. How to create a Reptrax account.
  3. to visit
  4. Click Register Now and create your account.
  5. A password will be sent to your email address.
  6. Email sent to you. Log in and complete the registration.
  7. Advice center.

What is IntelliCentrics?

IntelliCentrics is a community of healthcare professionals, institutions, technology leaders and software architects working together to create a safer healthcare experience. Subscribers pass data and information to our technology platform, where they are processed and verified for reliability.

What is the supplier’s referral service?

Most healthcare providers use a third-party provider called the provider’s referral service or a provider’s referral organization to determine which connection providers are needed and to verify compliance. These organizations require vendors to provide information and register with them.

What is the identification process?

Legitimation is a process of organizing and reviewing medical records. When a doctor applies for a practice in a hospital, surgery center, or medical facility, they will be asked to complete an application and have their professional record reviewed by a licensing agency.

How much do referral coordinators earn?

The Simply Hired Jobs website reports that the median salary for a referral coordinator in 2014 is 45,000 per year. The Career Bliss website notes that referral coordinator salaries ranged from 30,000 to $ 65,000 as of 2012.

What is an ID card in a hospital?

Entitlement is the process of obtaining, reviewing and evaluating the qualifications of a physician to provide care or services in or for a health care organization. Identification is documented proof of license, education, training, experience or other qualifications.

What is GHX Vendormate?

Vendormate allows healthcare organizations to manage the registration of all current and potential suppliers, as well as the necessary monitoring activities that are monitored by business partners. The Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) is reducing healthcare costs by transforming the healthcare supply chain.

Which hospitals use vendor formats?

The five new Vendormate accounts are:

What is safe?

SEC3URE by IntelliCentric is a subscription service consisting of a set of customizable tools that include: Identification of every person and / or group that enters the facility, including all medical and affiliated personnel, non-medical personnel, volunteers and assistants.

What is a coffee seller?

VENDORCafé, included in Yardi Procure to Pay and fully integrated with Yardi Voyager, is an online supplier portal with a simple user interface that can dramatically reduce paper invoices and simplify communications with suppliers.

What is the compliance filing?

Compliance logging is a risk management tool that helps protect Bell partner property by monitoring all suppliers to make sure they have adequate insurance coverage and clean cash. To be considered compliant, suppliers must register in the compliance repository and maintain approval status.

What does GHX mean?

GHX. Global health exchange. GHX. Bottom heat exchanger. Note: We have a different definition for GHX in the acronym Grenier.

What is GHX-EDI?

GHX introduces a new managed service for EDI mapping for healthcare professionals. The new service allows suppliers to focus on their core business, while GHX takes care of standardizing electronic supplier information across the supply chain and translating it into ERP-specific data.

What Is Compliance Depot Mean