What Is An Open Title

What Is An Open Title

I have a file open about the car I bought and go find the license plate? 3

I bought a car and was told it was difficult to get a license plate and I didn't really know what to do. Yellow Can anyone help you?


I bought it privately.

He says he can't even find the tag, even temporarily, because the car opens the file.

First, they may not be able to get their license plate because the car is not in their name. An open file usually refers to a file that has been signed for bids but has not won new bids. I would like to see the file. If there is no name at the back, just enter a name and upload the file. This package sounds a little ridiculous to me, so I'll check everything if I want to give someone some money. Ok i and it helps

I work for dmv and I don't even understand what you mean by open file.

Being open-minded, in my opinion, means that the previous list (which was sold to this person) never signed their rudeness. If so:

1. The person will not be able to sell the car to you until they have registered it with their name and obtained a license plate.

2. You cannot save an open file until you get the signature of the old file.

3. You think it looks like a stolen car. I forgot this car and am going to buy another one. For example, he doesn't give you anything.

Open the document

Well, it depends on who you buy (individual or retailer) and what problems you have in getting the panel.

If you bought it from a dealership, it is up to them to return the car. If this is not possible, you have not sold and you may have the option to cancel the contract (read fine print).

The term open commercial file means that the seller has signed and dated his name and printed his name and sale on his books. And leave the buyer's name blank. Then the new metal is filled. The buyer is liable for any property or sales tax when registered in his name and must complete the correct mileage at that time.

What Is An Open Title

What Is An Open Title

You can tag in Oklahoma but you have to pay sales tax.

p About that, find another car, you don't need a headache.

Sign this person's name and keep going

What Is An Open Title