What Is An Albatraoz

What Is An Albatraoz

What is Albatraoz?

Long, large albatross with brown wings. Rebuilt to fly thousands of miles.

Sea eagle is a type of rd, the word comes from 1965 ... rare prehistoric rd rd. The definition of the word means you can't be more active or talkative, but you still have ... as far as I know, it means a lot to me. Describe the sea eagle

You are wrong In fact, the Swedish hip group was founded in 2012.

But with married children in the television series, Season 2, Episode 10 or later, All Bundy tells his wife that you are Albatross. This TV series is very old, I first saw it in the early 2000s. That means the word came a long time ago, not in 2012.

I think both can work, I mean some rds eat rats so they can translate well ... to be the bass *** ***** would be a good translation in music too ... F ** * This little mouse because I'm an albatross :)

Well, according to the song, it's definitely not about elephants or flying elephants, but about the power of women or, in other words, owners. *********

Britney, grow up. I can say you're a girl, so I'll give you a break. You can't find these words in a book without knowing which language to translate. Everyone knows we can get this information on the internet ... alias answers ... DUH, everyone knows. Grow up and stop trolling to spread your insecurities to others.


Albatross means to be a strong woman, she is the boss *** ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ I'm a ■■■■■ because of this little mouse.

What Is An Albatraoz

What Is An Albatraoz

Albaltraoz? Obviously, he's some kind of party animal.

I have heard the word albatross which praises a strong woman.

Music is not utopian. The word "albatross" refers to the group to which Arun Chopra (singer) belongs. This is a Swedish electro-pop group and the line "I tom to AlbatraozÃ" refers to being part of a group / fan base / movement around the group instead of being part of a larger and middle group.

The first line still translates.

Tired and gentlemen


Get ready for Arun Chopa and Al Batrauz.


The song is played with the word "albatross Ã" just like the name "albatrossi", especially when compared to "mice named" Delivery ". The mouse is more objectionable and the text says "but I'm an albatross" and claims to be more powerful than the mouse.

It could be a complete statement with a mouse and wife, it could be a way to promote the band, it could be a great song.

But it's not "albatrosses", it's "albatrosses" of the group, almost not.

Albatross is a dog that can't fly or can only swim kfnviem kjewm kamdk and rkgmrkfm

What Is An Albatraoz