What Is A Thm File

What Is A Thm File

What is a THM file and can I run it? ۔

I recorded a video from my Sony Dial camera and when I loaded it on my computer it was saved as a THM file and can no longer be played. what I have to do?

A thm file is just a jpeg thumbnail of your video file. Your video file should have the exact same name but with the avi extension.

It can be displayed with any viewable JPEG (for example Internet Explorer). It is even easier to name the extension jpg.

What are thm files?

The solution to this problem,

For example, open a file on your Sony camera with Windows XP.

We say you record 10 videos.

Select all 10 videos.

The header file says:

Name..date change..type..size.

Click on the type.

You will see Sort .. Groups

Selected group

From the drop-down list ...

Select MP4.

You will see all your MP4 files ...

Copy to your desktop or something else.

They should be in MP4 format and no longer in THM files.

You should be able to play it in Windows Player or any other MP4 device.

Which solves your problem, for example.

No need to replace them with this solution ... see you later.

What Is A Thm File