What is a search engine?

A search engine is software accessed on the Internet that searches a database of information according to the user’s query. The engine provides a list of results that best match what the user is trying to find. Today, there are many different search engines available on the Internet, each with its own abilities and features. The first search engine ever developed is considered Archie, which was used to search for FTP files, and the first text-based search engine is considered Veronica. Currently, the most popular and well-known search engine is Google. Other popular search engines include AOL, Ask.com, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo.

Search Engines are most useful tools nowadays, they help people about almost everything, search engines can be used in various ways and because of these kinds of tools now people can find a needle in a haystack.

Helping Hand:

Search engines can be a helping hand for everyone, they provides complete assistance for whatever you might be looking, for example if a person is looking for a 70’s black and white TV show he can search it by entering right keywords, it is also a very good spot for those who are researching on any kind of topic it will help them in researching on their topics and keep updated, it’s also helps students to study more and specifically in the field their desire, and the best thing about it is it’s absolutely free all you need is a good internet connection.

Modern Way Of Learning:

It is a modern way of learning, before internet or search engines people used to studies a pile of books to look for their desired topics, but now they can search for the exact thing they were looking for, it helped making studies more easier and not so time consuming which obviously saves time too and you can search anything in just a matter of seconds.


No doubt it is a great facility for the whole world, it’s kind of a revolutionary thing but there might be disadvantages in the future, as one of them I often thought about is what would happen if someday in the future this fascinating tool would vanish, like gone forever, what would we do? As almost every person on earth is so used to about virtual assistance that we don’t work harder anymore, we are totally dependent on these technical supports that we are almost forgetting to work hard for little things like if a person want to buy a home his first priority would be to look for one online in terms of saving his time, but if search engine is gone what would he do? How many difficulties he will face in looking for a desired house there can be many examples for how people would feel to leave their comfort zones and get out for every little thing.

Types Of Search Engines:

  1. Video Search Engines
  2. Ebooks Search Engines
  3. Restaurants search engines
  4. Cab/taxi services search engines
  5. Real estate search engines


Search Engines become the most useful and most usable tool among the internet, it can search your tiny little asked question from a vast amount of databases, It is actually a database which saves all kinds of information and it just displays the exact right one when you search for it.

What is a search engine? And you read it in the article and you know Search engine optimization (SEO) consists of advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, it’s evaluated as one of the most substantial tools to rank greater with Google, there are downsides to SEO.

And there are the advantages and disadvantages of
Search engine optimization.


Following are the advantages of SEO

SEO is free

SEO is free of cost which is highly beneficial and it is sure how much time you pay studying keywords and manipulating them in your content and your content will rank at the top.

Localized Traffic

Whenever you are using local SEO tools particularly Google My Business can help you enhance your localized traffic and you can obtain a high ranking.

Mobile Friendly

You know what is good SEO, A Good SEO tells your site is responsive, your site rate is good, and there’s no dormancy for mobile users.

Expert Status

Following the best SEO methods means your site is an administration or authorization. And you consider only one article per keyword, and you only have backlinks from high-quality sites. With gaining status experts SEO comes in the search first.

SEO is customer friendly

You know feasible customers locate your site due to your SEO. When your content is professional the customer knows that you are experienced. There are no grammatical mistakes in your content. You’re using the latest technology on a secure site, and they only need to discover the buy button.


Following are the disadvantages of SEO

Competitors will target

Useful SEO tells you to rank high. Sites that rank high are targeted by opponents. And they want your SEO to change the direction and you obtain a loss.

Changes in SEO

SEO can shift. Just say the word “kiwi” and see business owners start staring at the site. One small shift to SEO and you can be at the peak of the search results one day and the next day find your site seriously downgraded.


You need to often be on top of your game, which may expect some financial investment. One example is websites that haven’t been boosted to responsive design will be punished.

Slow Results

SEO does not work fast. You can remake your site and use the best methods and not observe results for months.

No Promises

You could revise all your topics and website characteristics and still not discover that your site has enhanced. SEO does not promise the result.


When you’re searching for ways to increase your site’s rank, make sure to work with specialists who have skills in SEO.

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