What Is A Major Problem With The Original Milgram Study

What Is A Major Problem With The Original Milgram Study

What is the biggest problem with Milgram’s original study?

What is the main problem with Milgram’s original study?

Milgram lied to respondents, which made the study unethical. The topic of social psychology at the intrapersonal level.

What is Asch’s biggest mistake in this?

Asch ignored the importance of several factors that influence compliance, including race, class, and gender. Travis is part of a group that plays tug of war. He knows that his team is stronger than him, so he doesn’t try the best he can.

Is the Milgrams study also reliable?

Milgrams’ method is very reliable because it can be replicated: between 19612 he performed 19 variations of the main study.

What are the ethical issues of the Milgram experience?

Misleading Ethical Questions: Participants really thought they were a shocking person and didn’t know the student was a Milgrams association. However, Milgram argued that illusions are used when necessary to pave the way for the disclosure of certain difficulties.

What was the most serious allegation against the Milgram study?

One of the more serious allegations in Milgram’s article concerned social science research: Sin Tested.

What is the main point of discussion for the Milgram obedience study?

What is the main point of discussion in Milgram’s Handbook of Obedience Studies?

Individuals will obey authority until it potentially harms another person.

What is the main implication of Asch’s compliance studies?

Solomon Asch conducted an experiment to determine the extent to which the social pressures of a majority group can influence a person to adapt. He believed that the main problem with the Sheriff’s Compliance Experiment (1935) was that there was no correct answer to the ambiguous autokinetic experiment.

What is the main point of the Quizlet Quizlet?

What is the crux of the master quiz program?

People will defend themselves by stating that the situation affects the changed behavior. People will overlook the obvious situational influences on behavior. People will overlook the obvious dispositional influences on their behavior.

Which of the following is an example of the toe-in-the-door technique?

The foot-in-the-door technique involves making a small request first so that a person accepts a larger request later on. An example of this is when a friend wants to borrow a small amount and later wants to borrow a larger amount.

Which of the following statements belongs to an attitude?

Which statement about Sternberg’s theory of triangular love is most appropriate?

Answer: The most accurate statement on Sternberg’s love triangle theory is (B). Description: His theory is based on the interaction between three components of love: Intimacy: the bond in romantic relationships. Passion: The attraction that leads to romance in romantic relationships.

What did Solomon Asch’s experience show with group compliance?

Solomon Asch’s experience with group conformism has shown that people want to conform to a group even if they feel or know the group is wrong.

What does Milgram’s experience feel?

Milgram’s Experience of Obedience to Authority. The Stanley-Milgram experiment was created to explain some of the WWII concentration camps where Jews, gypsies, gays, slaves and other public enemies were massacred by the Nazis.

What was the purpose of the Milgram experiment?

The purpose of the experiment was to observe how readily the participants obeyed the researcher, even when what they were doing was morally wrong.

What does it mean to be ethical?

What did Milgram deduce from the experience?

Stanley Milgram concluded that most individuals will continue to obey authority figures even if individuals believe their actions are bad or harmful to another person.

What was Milgram’s hypothesis?

Answer and Explanation:

Why was the Milgram experiment considered unethical?

Milgram’s experiment is considered immoral because it exposed the participants to exceptional stress. Milgram himself was shocked by the manipulative subjects of the legitimate authorities.

What does agent status mean?

A state of action is a state of mind in which a person allows other people to correct their behavior and transfer responsibility for the consequences of the behavior to the person who tells them what to do.

Where was the Milgram experiment conducted?

What is the independent variable in Milgram’s obedience study?

What is the independent variable?

In the first four experiments, the independent variable of Stanley Milgram’s experience was the degree of physical immediacy of an authority. The dependent variable was compliance. The closer you are to the agency, the higher the compliance rate.

How can Milgram’s study be applied to real life?

What Is A Major Problem With The Original Milgram Study