What Is A Good Mile Time

What Is A Good Mile Time

Good kilometers for high school route for girls?

Since someone is able to run a mile in less than 6 miles in 10 minutes, I can say that anything is possible, but you still need to exercise. If you drive 3 miles a day, your mileage will be less than a minute. Soon your trainer will give you 800 meters of reps and things like that and you will be able to reach your goal, but train now, otherwise it will be very difficult to trace.

It would be nice to take minutes from your first race, but to be competitive in high school without thinking about going to the United States, you have to be around 5:30 in the morning. If you train off-season, such as running 54 miles at least 5 days a week, you have a good foundation to reach your goals. Your athletic trainer can give you a little practice so that you can be competitive. As a sprinter, you probably have an SD that will help you a lot. You can also try the 800 because it is a combination of SD and resistance.

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Eating against stress:

All competitive runners need a hard kick. Therefore, it is helpful to learn the correct technique for 100 meter sprint at SS booth.

The best 100m run - form and technique will get you there. Reply from ptfa.geo:

No cross country skiing, you run a lot after the other girls, the fun is less than 5:30 in the morning

If you have an indoor track, it's January. If you want to do athletics, you have to train all year

I really think 6 minutes is not bad for your first run distance.

But I think it's a little late because I'm running a sophomore 5:30 but I switched to sprinter so I don't think 6 minutes is bad ...

What Is A Good Mile Time