What Is A Fupa

What Is A Fupa

What is PA? Do I know it's bad?


PA means upper area. Contrary to popular belief, PA * does not have a pending function in Zone 1. Rather, it is an area that has been * zoomed in.

The Palestinian Authority has had a strange effect on its victims. People with AP in particular are completely unaware of its presence. Also, PA has a prostrate stranger wearing tight jeans on his stomach, which adds to his fame. (Some scholars believe that the Palestinian Authority has a dirty intelligence)

A woman who is 35 months pregnant is the best example of FA. Be careful, ask the woman if she is pregnant! This is probably your personal assistant.

It should be noted that men do not have FS (Pa syndrome). This is a quality that is found only in women.

PA City Dictionary

Ha ha Upper P.us.s.y Area

What Is A Fupa