What Is A Dangler

What Is A Dangler

What is dangler jargon for?

| Last name. a penis. Put your trailer away. Nothing will happen tonight. See other words with the same meaning: penis.

What does it mean when someone says a girl has a follower?

Dangler (noun) the one that swings around or on others, especially a little according to women.

What does a hold on my block mean?

@ wills100. This is part of a scene from a TV show called On my block where a group of teenagers talk about their friends and older brothers, etc.

What is a danger?

Last name. dangling (plural hanging) one who hangs over the other, especially after women.

Is it harmful to have a follower?

Danglers are sometimes serious, but often not that bad. Some don’t distract your message at all and can get through even the most attentive reader. But for anyone who appreciates accuracy, avoiding hanging is a good idea. A pendant is a changing word or phrase that is not close enough to what it changes.

Is it fun around me?

Serious, sometimes mean, but always fun and engaging, Netflix’s comedy On My Block seems to have been hijacked from an alternate reality, one where sitcoms with people of color have lined up with them. Bianchi through television narration.

What Is A Dangler