What Is A Click In Military Terms

What Is A Click In Military Terms

How far is the army just one click away? 3


I'm miles. Please, I'm not good with pounds.

I googled it and found it, does it have to be correct?

In military terms, click means 1,000 meters (one kilometer). So if the solar radio is 10 km south of your location, it means that it is 10 km or 6.2 miles.

Most historians agree that the term was widely used in the US military during the Vietnam War. However, the original origin of the term is lost.

The word clique is always used here in European language to refer to European kilometers. Therefore, the term may have been used in Europe and elsewhere in the US military usage, for example, Vietnam.

Some military historians believe the term was used to refer to the Australian infantry in Vietnam. Throughout history, infantry have traveled through the direction (direction of displacement) and the distance measured by the stimulus (of course, the magic GPS device of the past). To find out the distance, one or two designated soldiers counted their steps. 110 feet on the ground level, 100 steps upwards or 120 steps upwards is equal to 100 meters. Solar tracks every 100 yards lot by moving the gas regulator on an Australian brand L1A1 rifle. After a movement of 10 marks (1000 meters), the sun section gestures to the commander with a hand gesture, then picks up the rifle and pulls the gas back with a thumb stroke, demonstrating a movement of 1000 meters, which causes Is one click.

We know The story may not be true but it sounds good.

In military jirga, the term clique (written c instead of a) is used to refer to a person, such as a rifle. In most emails, one click is equal to one arc second, or in other words, one inch per meter. So, if you move the shotgun location setting with one click, the impact point changes one inch for a 1000 yard target, two inches for a 2000 yard target, and so on. The term comes from the sound of clicking on the rotation of the display settings.

Click is more than 6/10 of a mile, the mileage is American.

What Is A Click In Military Terms