What Is A 17 Out Of 25

What Is A 17 Out Of 25

He was 17th out of 25 in a Test. How do I calculate the percentage I get? 3

Thank you very much


Oh ...

17 divided by 25.

So ... first you have to divide 17 by 25, which means you get a number less than z.


If necessary, go to the next digger.

When done, move the decimal point to the right or, in other words, multiply by 100.

There are 68% in your test, it is C or D, both are R grade. You will definitely want to go to the next level ... Learn more, eat healthy, be careful in cl

17 divided by 25, multiplied by 100. 17/25 x 100 = 68%

What Is A 17 Out Of 25