What Is A 126 Police Code

What Is A 126 Police Code

What does 126 mean for the police?

QuebecDescription of the codes:
126 Cut the suspect
127 Proceed with caution
128 No sirens, no flashes.

129 Request a backup
What does 126 mean in the Police Code?If you saw reference 126 on a police telecast or in a courtroom, it was probably Section 126 of the California Criminal Code: Perjury (lying about important information under oath). If this were a police broadcast from a geographic area outside California 126, it could mean a completely different thing.

Also, what is a 126 round all together?

When James asks for a day with Cop Code 126 in an awkward situation, Ben is put to the test when he tries to evict a group of cyclists who come out of a shop and stop a drunk customer.

That said, what does 187 mean to the police?

Section 187 (often just 187) in the jargon of the California criminal justice system defines manslaughter. The number is often pronounced by reading the numbers individually as eight or eight instead of eight.

What are the 10 codes for police officers?

Police 10 codesAPCO General Purpose Code (Association of Police Communications Officers)
101 The change of position cannot be copied Weak signal
102 Good signal Good signal
103 Stop sending Stop sending
104 Confirm (OK) Confirm (accept)

What does 600 do in the police code?

Police radio codes 000 unencrypted accident 585 car accident 600 received information 601 missing person 602 child abuse / neglect

What is a 211 police code?

A 211 is a theft.

What does 126 mean?

Numerous variations have emerged from this basic number symbol, such as 112% for 100% Aryan Brotherhood, 126 for Aryan Brotherhood Forever, or 1220 for Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.

What is Police Code 129?

129. Policemen - Community Service Mission.

What is a police code 311?

The use of these codes has been determined by the Federal Communications Commission based on the use determined by the NANP administrator and is: 211 - Community Services and Information. 311 - Municipal services. 511 - traffic information.

611 - Telephone Company Repair * What does Code 5 mean?

Code 5, which signifies the police radio, is used situationally when secret agents do not want a possible arrest or investigation by patrol officers to be disrupted. Code 5 was usually accompanied by confidential information (1035) about the case or a request for private communication (1012).

What is the PD in the Police Code?

DP also called Disorderly Party / Person It all depends on where you are. and broadcast jargon or standard radio codes.

What is Code 4?

Code 4 Meaning Code 4 means everything is under control or the scene is safe.


This indicates that the agents are now responsible for the situation in which they were called.

What is a police code 459?

459 Burglary. 459A anti-theft alarm system. 459S alarm system, mute.

What is a Police Code 217?

One of the most common criminal surveillance codes is code 217. When a first degree murder is in progress and an officer needs assistance, code 217, or attempted murder, is the correct code. The agent can only say 217 on Madison Avenue on the radio.

What is a 602 police code?

Police code 602 means criminal.

What does DSN mean for the police?

Defense Switched Network

What Does 211 Mean for a Crip?

211 is California criminal law - also the term rob crip, which stands for blood killer.

What does 187 mean?

187 means murder or death police law. The number 187 is used as a synonym for the word murder by gangs in the United States and the United Kingdom. 187 refers to Section 187 of the California Criminal Code which defines murder.

What Is A 126 Police Code