What If?.. Scenarios/modelling

What If?.. Scenarios/modelling,

What is The Definition of What If?.. Scenarios/modelling?

  1. what if? ... a type of layout or modeling plan. what if? .. is a vague and general term that involves predictive or creative prediction techniques in which hypothetical scenarios or situations develop, often promoting existing or historical situations. what if? ... The purpose of planning and problem-solving methods is usually to identify and predict new events and factors that may occur outside of it that can be easily assessed from simple extravagance. Can be applied and therefore requires a relatively high level of creative effort and ease. what if ...? Planning can also be done with a computer system or more easily described on paper. what if ...? ... Effective methods often involve some form of mindfulness.

Literal Meanings of What If?.. Scenarios/modelling


Meanings of What:
  1. Request information by explaining something.

  2. (Pointing to the whole assembly) Whatever.

  3. (Surprisingly) How great or amazing.

  4. How far

  5. It is used to indicate an estimate or estimate.

  6. Used to emphasize or invite approval.

  7. Things or things that (to determine something)

  8. To highlight something amazing or unusual (with an exclamation mark).

Sentences of What
  1. What time is it

  2. The little money he stole

  3. Hello!

  4. What is your name?

  5. What commitment do we need?

Synonyms of What

I beg your pardon, eh, what, excuse me, say again, beg pardon, what did you say, sorry


Meanings of If:
  1. A condition or assumption

  2. (Introduction to conditional clauses) with the condition or assumption that is in this case.

  3. It doesn't matter.

  4. (Often used for indirect questions) Yes.

  5. Please be polite.

  6. To express an opinion

  7. Expression of surprise or regret.

  8. (With a clear warning) And maybe not.

  9. Average frequency

Sentences of If
  1. There are many more yes and no talks in politics

  2. If you have a complaint, please write to the manager.

  3. If it took seven years, I would

  4. Asked do we need coffee?

  5. What if you don't mind sending him a message?

  6. It's a long journey, if you don't mind me saying that

  7. Well, if not Frank!

  8. The new leader has little or no control.

Synonyms of If

allowing that, supposing, provided that, on condition that, whether, presuming, on the assumption that, hesitation, lack of certainty, given that, supposing that, assuming that, presuming that, with the proviso that, providing that, whether or not, assuming, if and only if, contingent on, uncertainty, allowing, vagueness, providing, in the event that, with the provision that, on the understanding that, as long as, with the understanding that


Meanings of Scenarios:
  1. A written sketch of a movie, novel, or drama that describes the plot and individual scenes in detail.

Sentences of Scenarios
  1. Four story scenario

Synonyms of Scenarios

storyline, plan, plot, outline, scheme, layout, framework, structure


Meanings of Modelling:
  1. Dummy work

  2. Preparation of three dimensional model.

  3. Design or use abstract or mathematical models to simplify calculations and predictions.

Sentences of Modelling
  1. Have you thought about pursuing a modeling career?

  2. Classes include Nature Drawing and Soil Modeling

  3. Economic models and policy analysis

Synonyms of Modelling

building, assembly, modelling, mass production, invention, construction, creating, manufacture, manufacturing, production, composition, formation, forging, producing, putting together, creation, fabrication, moulding, forming