What Happens If You Miss One Pill Of Antibiotics

What Happens If You Miss One Pill Of Antibiotics

What if you give up antibiotics for a day? 3

On Monday, he recommended a three-day dose of antibiotics. I got the right amount on Wednesday. I don't think it should end because I'm better. However, my mother attacked me and told me not to stop using antibiotics for a single day. So I hit sick and that's it. My mother told me it was too late because I missed a day and couldn't take it anymore. it's fine? Can I take more pills?

Antibiotics are usually given one to four times a day. Ideally, food should be distributed evenly throughout the day and taken at the same time each day. It helps maintain a constant level of the drug in your blood.

Missed food

In most cases, you should not take a double dose to supplement the lost dose of antibiotics. Take the lost food as soon as you remember or skip the leftover food completely if the time for your next meal is near. Taking multiple doses of antibiotics increases the risk of side effects.

Always refer to the package leaflet (PIL) that came with your antibiotic as it contains information and advice about the specific antibiotic you are taking.

The PIL contains the manufacturer's advice on what to do if you miss a dose of antibiotics. If you do not take it with your medicine, ask your pharmacist about PIL.

Some forgotten boxes

Call your doctor if you miss more than one dose of antibiotics or if you miss more than one day of TRNT. It is very important that you see your GP if you forget to take it due to side effects or illness.

Don't forget to take antibiotics.

If you are having trouble remembering to take antibiotics, these tips can help:

Such as taking antibiotics with other daily activities such as brushing teeth or eating, but check that the medicine should be taken before or after meals.

Record each meal in your diary or calendar.

Set the alarm to remind you of your next dose.

What Happens If You Miss One Pill Of Antibiotics