What Happened To Sweeney Todd's Wife

What Happened To Sweeney Todd’s Wife

How did Sweeney Todd’s wife die?

Lucy Barker. Lucy Barker was the wife of Benjamin Barker, and while she was being arrested, she was raped by Judge Turpin, who forced her to poison herself to the point of suicide. Ms. Lucy was accidentally killed by her husband Sweeney Todd Benjamin Barker, showing extreme remorse and Sweeney Todd made her become Mrs.Similarly, people ask: Why did Sweeney kill Ms.


His reason (aside from the fact that Sweeney wants to kill him) is that Sweeney killed the mother character in Toby’s life, Mrs. Lovett. Ms. Lovett later states that the reason she lied about Lucy’s death is because she loves Sweeney.

Also, Judge Turpin Lucy?

Judge Turpin follows her constantly and sends her flowers every day. He sends her accomplice, Beadle Bamford, to call her at home and blames himself for her dire situation. He then rapes Lucy, who tries to kill herself by drinking poison, which she survives but goes mad and has to beg on the street.

You may also be wondering what happens to Lucy in Sweeney Todd?

Character preview She is the faithful and loving wife of Benjamin Barker and mother of Johanna Barker, whose life is ruined by the terrible Judge Turpin, who banishes her husband to have everything for him. Soon after, Turpin raped her so that she poisoned herself with ■■■■■■■■

Will Sweeney Todd kill the judges?

When Sweeney arrives and finds the beggar in her living room, he cuts her throat. The judge arrives and Sweeney pulls him into the chair before revealing his true identity and killing the judge. Johanna comes out of hiding and barely escapes Sweeney’s knife.

Johanna dies to Sweeney Todd?

Johanna Barker is the daughter of Benjamin Barker (aka Sweeney Todd).

Why is Sweeney Todd killing everyone?

According to reports, a barber named Todd, who opened a shop on Fleet Street in the late 18th century, killed a dozen of his customers and hanged them for his crimes in 1802. The real Todd reportedly killed his numerous victims causing them to fall on the barber’s chair in an old tunnel that led under his shop.

What is Mrs Lovett’s name?

loves. Ms. Lovett is a fictional character who appears in many adaptations of Sweeney Todd’s story. Her common name is Nellie, although Amelia, Margery, Maggie, Sarah, Shirley, Wilhemina, and Claudetta are other names given to her.

How old is Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd?

Edmund Lyndeck, who appeared as the evil judge Turpin in Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd revenge, died on December 14. He was 90 years old.

Is Sweeney Todd based on a true story?

Playwright Christopher Bond, whose work was adapted by Sondheim for the musical in 1973, began his story with the statement: Sweeney Todd is pure fiction. No one could ever find evidence of a hairdressing demon around them.

What is Sweeney Todd’s story?

Evil Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman) longs for the beautiful wife of a London hairdresser (Johnny Depp) and takes him to Australia for a crime he didn’t commit. Back after 15 years and calling himself Sweeney Todd, the current man swears revenge, uses the razor on disgruntled customers and sends the bodies to Ms. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter), who uses them in the meat shop. Although many fall in love with the magazine with him, he will not be satisfied until he lets go of Turpin’s throat.

Does Sweeney Todd know that Johanna is his daughter?

In Sweeney Todd of Sondheim. In Stephen Sondheim’s musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, after Benjamin Barker is sent to Australia and Lucy is raped and maddened, Judge Turpin takes his daughter Johanna as his teacher and pupil. .

What year does Sweeney Todd start?

1785, who plays the boy in Sweeney Todd?

Ed Sanders

Who played Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd?

What Happened To Sweeney Todd's Wife