What Goes Around Comes Around Meaning

What Goes Around Comes Around Meaning

What does it mean that it comes, stays / circulates?

Well this is too much karma ...

Someone said ... I said what happened, happened. According to police, this could be a serious threat. In fact, I am saying that this statement means that I wanted to hurt him, and if so, the statement itself means that he must have suffered physically in the past in order to return. "There you arrested me for threatening me and you hurt me. They are there because, in my opinion, donuts are not the kind of donuts that enhance intelligence.

Another said ... People usually say that what happened means they don't care and it has to happen. He basically said that people like us (who love other music) deserve to be met!

Others say ... whatever happens, it means that if I get a contract, I will do it with someone else. If I hate it, I'll give it to you. Whatever happens will come and give you control over your destiny. If I do good, I will get good. When I hate, I can still be good. We reap what we sow. When you grow tomatoes, you can expect to get tomatoes. However, if someone gives you trns, you don't need to apply them. You have the option of what you give and what you receive, you decide what to give first .......

This means that the way you treat others is returned to you. By the way, there is a saying that whatever revolves comes here.

In fact, it is a gift, it has changed. This means that what you do to others will be done to you.

He said, "When your loved ones come, make sure they don't stay." If they live too long, you may get bored. So be careful.

What Goes Around Comes Around Meaning

What Goes Around Comes Around Meaning

In fact, it means that someone did it for someone else or people will one day get their fair share, unpleasant in most cases.

The term refers to the cyclical nature of life and the world. Something like this: a good move deserves another, given once, applied three times, or whatever you want to do with your brother.

Simply put, the intention behind the energy that dissolves all Annie has finally returned to the original.

Karma Karma ...

Life imprisonment.

The wind that sows cuts the whirlpool.

This means that whatever you do, you will do it again. For example, if you cheat on your boyfriend you will lose him, but Shell will cheat on him by winning him back. So remember not to do anything good because it will come back to you ten times.

What you do / give / say / distribute, good or bad, always comes back 100 times more, this is the law of nature. Look at your past life so that we always pay attention to what we divide in life, it always comes back!

This means treating others the way you want them to treat you, because it always comes back to you when you are bad. Don't do anything you shouldn't do to us.

What Goes Around Comes Around Meaning