What Else Can Desitin Be Used For

What Else Can Desitin Be Used For

Apart from Desitin, what else can I do to treat rash? 3

My daughter is about 10 months old and has rashes on her skin and when I put Destin on her she immediately screamed in pain until I cleaned her up. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the rash? Does anyone know why Desitin can hurt them? Thank you very much!

Many creams hurt contact with wounds. To get rid of itching, avoid wet wipes for a while, wipe gently with a damp cloth, and let dry for a minute. Maalox is great to use, followed by Aquafor Triple Paste Cream, my favorite is Lansinoh Lanolin which is used to heal wounds. This is a huge barrier against water, indispensable for getting rid of stains. Always use a water barrier after each skin change as it retains moisture and the skin changes frequently. I use natural foundation cream, my favorite one is from Claire Hills Nee and one from Northern Essence, both purchased online. They all have natural ingredients and when they explode I have less pain.

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Balm bag Technically, it's for standing cows. You can get it from Walgreens. This is the best. My daughter had a rash on her skin and she was completely healed in one day. A colleague of my husband's told us about it. I couldn't believe it so I googled it ... yeah ... a lot of moms used it and said the same thing ... so I tried it and haven't used anything since. I don't even use baby wipes if the itching is severe. Just water the wet wipes and air as much as possible.

ETA: What Bate said reminded me that the doctor's office also said I could take Neusporan in his ■■■.

How is your grain If it's fake or looks like a burn, it's probably best to take it to a doctor. It can be a yeast infection and you may need a recommended ointment called nystatin to get better. In the meantime, try Vaseline or A&D ointment. Also, do not use baby wipes as they can exacerbate rashes and burns. We use the thickest paper towels we can find, bounties, as well as water containers or sprinklers. Sprinkle or moisten paper towels and pat dry. Dry with the other, but do not rub. If your child has frequent rashes, changing the drums you use may help. She had a daughter who could only be carried by pampers.

My daughter has the same problem. Hugging has caused blisters on his ■■■. (Find out if he has an allergy.) However, when he sits down he screams in pain and in the cold shower he does not sit down and the water does not touch him. The only way to help is to let her go to bed and apply a thin layer of Neosporin to relieve the pain. I had to fight him, but once he was inside, he got better and better in a day or two. Well, for example, it's fast!

What Else Can Desitin Be Used For