What Does Wise Mean

What Does Wise Mean

What does planning mean? 3

I'm not of American descent and I'm looking for the meaning of this expression, but without success

This means in terms or deadlines. This is not the original word. In other words, it only adds a single suffix.


Use in function, type, position, direction, reference, etc. with end 2: clockwise, end-to-end, business sense, clockwise.

Compare shapes.

Use the suffix "sage" is an ancient verb in language related to style, direction, etc .: in the middle.

Currencies such as markets, sales and weather conditions are often criticized, perhaps because of their relationship with the media: otherwise or financially, as stated in the film industry, "plywood is its strongest. It is on the rise of glory.

This suffix is ​​not confused with the adjective Baba 1, which is found in compound words such as Baba and Dunyavi.

Plan wisely

It is an abuse that means form or form of planning.

In relation to planning means in relation to planning or in relation to the planned schedule


In terms of hours, when can your new employee work for us?


To combine your schedule with other things, when is your new job?

The answer may be that I can do this in 2 weeks because I have to notify my employer 2 weeks before I leave my current job.

I think I can help you if you use the term in a sentence.

What Does Wise Mean