What Does Via Mean

What Does Via Mean

What are you doing ?? ۔

When you see your profile on Facebook and someone sees you.

Simply put, over means someone saw your profile through someone else's profile.

For example, if you are a friend of A and B is also a friend of A but not your friend, B will see you through A when B sees your profile as a friend.

Via = adopted by (Latin term) in English.

Via is a more informal way of saying that is used in many businesses (subways, bus companies, airlines, etc.) and is also used in computer printing.

This is a great way to put it together.

An example through local media. Via email

It is used to change the way you communicate through things.

When I email them on the internet ...

What Does Via Mean

What Does Via Mean

More = that

This is the original definition, but is it used as a word you used?

I got off the train.

I went to one to use the train.

What Does Via Mean