What Does Versatile Mean

What Does Versatile Mean

What does multipurpose mean?

Able to do many things

Versatile taste

According to Webster's Dictionary, this means being able to do many things. To me, versatile men are good at doing a lot of different things. I think Jennifer Lopez is very versatile. She will be singing, dancing, acting, cooking and maybe an amazing mother. She is probably smart and has a green thumb.

Versatile means it's easy to change or customize. A versatile person can do many different things well. A multipurpose item has many different uses.

You can do a lot of work competently.

Versatile or with a lot of work: "The most versatile vegetable is the tomato" (Craig Calibourne).

Variables or contrasting variables - versatile temperament.

olog. It can move freely everywhere, like insect antennas, owl signals, or loosely tied flower anthers.

What Does Versatile Mean