What Does Unsub Mean

What Does Unsub Mean

What is the meaning of Ansab or Ansab? ۔

I have recently heard of the police. I'm not sure I heard the right start because it sounds like Onsub or Unsub.

I mostly listen to CBS Brain and CSINY when it comes to suspects or interrogations.

what does this word mean?

Is it a real spy term or is it a new buzzword invented by a TV presenter and should have found its place in our dictionary?

Unknown research topic.

I'm sure it's safe for unfamiliar subjects. It's not on TV, I've seen it in chronology books before, I think profile Mark Douglas uses it a lot.

Sorry, I must say I believe and of course I gave my criminal text so I can't find it.

Unknown topic.

I have been working with sub-funds on this topic for a long time and non-sub-funding is by no means important.

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What Does Unsub Mean