What Does Tty Mean

What Does Tty Mean

What does ATS mean?

TTY stands for Text Telephone (also called Telecommunication Equipment for the Deaf). It is a device connected to a telephone line so that a deaf, hard of hearing or deaf person (and others) can enter 30 characters and continue talking instead of talking. Some of these devices are automatic.

For the system to work quickly, there must be a TDD at both ends of the conversation. If not, the TDD user can contact an intermediary who will transmit voice input. Clients with disabilities have a wide range of activities and freedoms. A person with a normal telephone and who wants to talk to a deaf / disabled friend or company can call the operator and translate their voice into a text message.

Definition of Tty

In fact, it means bump. What it really does is allow deaf people to talk on the phone using one of their keyboard units, and it uses the same transmission method you used on very slow computers last year. Was Instead of someone answering this number by voice, they have different levels and they can use them for communication. The second method, if someone else does not have a TTY machine, is a service where a deaf person dials the service number where the TTY machine is located and the listener calls the sender and sender. Is. Reply. This method is rarely used because they use more email to resolve the issue. In fact, if you are not deaf and do not have a TTY device, you do not want to use this number.

TTY means teletype ... your deaf or deaf person calls on the phone. Write what you want to say on the modified PIN and it will appear on your small screen. When the speaker answers, the words will also appear on the T-tie screen.

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What is ATS?


Whenever you want to call the bank's customer service on any number


what does it mean

This is a number / hotline for the deaf and / or hearing impaired. It is an alternative name for telecommunications equipment for the deaf (TDD).

That means bumps

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What Does Tty Mean