What Does Touche Mean

What Does Touche Mean

What does it mean to touch English?

My friends and I were amazed at what that meant. So I would be very grateful if I could get an answer. Thank you very much.

Literally it means cartoon. It comes from the sword play game, where you collect points by breaking down your opponent's defenses and shooting at them with your sword. With that in mind, it is now often used to refer to debates or conversations, i.e. to say (or with good manners) that a person has undoubtedly good arguments against it and Cunning is beyond his defense.

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What Does Touche Mean

What Does Touche Mean

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What does Touch English mean?

My friends and I wondered what that meant. So if I could get an answer, I would be very grateful. Thank you very much.

It is used to identify a successful or critical fencing shot or argument.


BOB: There are no good care instructions in this job.

JOE: If you don't call all the time, this is probably not a problem for you.

BOB: Game! (I got caught!)

This means good answers such as:

Person A: My door is locked, but with the help of my ninja type SS I found a way.

Person B: You came in through the back door, right?

Person A: Touching.


- Used to indicate the success or relevance of an argument, accusation or argument

I'm sure it's not English. I think it could be French.

I think it means some kind of welcome, one way or another.

What Does Touche Mean