What Does That's What She Said Mean

What Does That's What She Said Mean

Boy: What does that mean when you say he said that? please?

Two boys are playing a video game. One of them said in frustration that it was very difficult. Others said that's what he said.

Basically, whenever someone says, they are trying to say that what you said can be taken out of context and related to something. That is. When the man said it was very difficult. He is talking about video games. When the other boy says that is what he said, he is referring to what a girl can say (about one). It is very difficult.

I'm kidding.

"Anything about sex jokes is a joke," he said.

Example: Suppose you see a spider and say wow! It's big!

People you talk to will say that's what they say.

I love you personally :)

When someone says that he said or said, it means that the person cannot confirm or deny the facts, because if he accepts the fact that he can be removed from GG and if he Denies it, so it can happen. Considered very helpless. So he doesn't answer directly, but confirms the facts or decides by others we know.

It's from the office. As one might say, it was very long and difficult. (Speaking of tests or treatments) And other people will say they said that. Because this boy seems to be talking nonsense because he is tall and tough. What MDR helps, for example.

His relative said angrily

It's hard!

Man: That's what he said ... That's what the girl said a few days ago, man.

Although you may have mentioned the evidence you just wrote?

Usually when you say that, it can be interpreted the way we used to say that it usually refers to any girl, even if she is usually someone's mother.

It's funny when said at the right time.

What Does That's What She Said Mean

What Does That's What She Said Mean

It's like a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ joke that a girl tells later or on the way.

Wow, that's great!

That said!

Well, if a girl mistakenly said that a boy said that, she said.

Example: Others tried to open the door of the car, it did not move, so I said I rang but the door came. Then I thought of myself as the person I was talking about. It is good to be good

It was just a joke because what he said the last time was basically what people say after someone says something in bed.

Person: That's really G, that's what he said (which means I have GD * CK).

What Does That's What She Said Mean