What Does Temperament Mean

What Does Temperament Mean

What does mood mean?

Mood is a tendency to act in anger or emotion.

Mood affects the content of family relationships.

The mood of the RSC remains the same.

I haven't read the dictionary, but it's about people who express emotions.

That's why we always say that this person has an explosive temperament.

We know that people react to emotions in different ways, but within that we can call it normal in any situation. Laughing, crying, smiling, screaming, sweating, etc. But if they seem affected or express emotions that we all consider normal, they get angry at their anger.

Example of

A cat eats around

Your friends cry, others tell you not to be so sad.

The boss lost the report and asked.

The employee is tapping on the computer

The friend tells him not to be so playful, he always does.

Mom told him to go there.

Mike walks in, you know your dad is playful, he'll understand when he's around.

Mood is widely used to describe behavior. It is often used to describe animals. When someone says a dog is in a good mood, it means he is friendly and not aggressive. Bad mood means he is more aggressive than friendly.

What Does Temperament Mean