What Does Si Mean

What Does Si Mean

What does SMS mean? ۔

I texted my friend and asked if he finished the song and he said what does it mean?

Or being hurt can mean being hurt, which means it's hard for him.

I think it can be really stinky. Sometimes we use things like xk, I don't have it, but people I know use it and want to tell you why. I don't know this tug, it's new to me. See how it is used in context, I believe it is useless. Or just ask them, I mean I know people who speak English as their mother tongue and they don't know hahahaha or anything so it doesn't feel bad to ask. I spell all my words, I don't do it with my right hand. Sorry!

C means yes in Spanish.

Maybe you should tell your friend to stop talking to you in Spanish if you don't understand. Yes = Yes

C is a word that means many Latin languages, such as French and Italian. In French, its use is limited: for example, it means to answer only a negative question. you do not want? Yes instead of yes (don't you want? Yes)

Help for example!

What Does Si Mean