What Does Selfish Mean

What Does Selfish Mean

What does the word selfish mean?

A selfish person only cares about himself and does not think about others. When a plane sinks and you decide to leave someone else in your 4 person lifeboat, you are very selfish.

Comes with selfishness or I, which means for you or with the suffix, is my character. So if your actions are selfish, it's about getting help, like attention, sweets, or strength. Selfishness is often an insult to a person who is selfish in order to take care of himself and actively take care of others. Selfishness is the opposite of selfishness, which means giving everything to others and sacrificing their needs.

To explain, I need to explain another word.

Requirements: Custom ideas are invented by people who are having problems that only they can see.

Offer: Pay attention to others to meet all the needs of your espionage work.

However, go over things and determine what you need to consider in general.

Selfishness means ignoring the needs of others and at the same time meeting the needs of others independently of their needs.

What Does Selfish Mean