What Does Redbone Mean

What Does Redbone Mean

What does Red Bone mean to a girl?

That means you are American white or mixed skin, or those who are (about half) and white.

Red bone is a term used to describe a specific and very diverse ethnic group in the United States. Many people use the term red bone for white Americans.

What is red bone?

Red bones are usually white Americans, similar to Native Americans and Caucasians.

Red bones are red on the skin. Skin color can vary from light to dark.

Yellow bones are more harmonious or ... a person's parents and grandparents.


The skin is light or slightly red, I think that's where the name came from.

Pure skin It is only used on southern tugs. And almo, the urban dictionary is not an important resource.

When your skin is glowing.

What Does Redbone Mean

What Does Redbone Mean

The bones are bright red or, for some, bright yellow.

White-skinned women mingle with other races.

That your skin is very light.

Fat white woman

What Does Redbone Mean