What Does Raw Salmon Taste Like

What Does Raw Salmon Taste Like

What does raw salmon taste like? 3

I tried smoked salmon, but it may taste different. What does fresh raw salmon taste like? Sushmi way.

It's really delicious ... just don't smoke the taste ... taste it with a mixture of rice and sugar ... grizzly bears kind ... tuna is better ... (the best stomach is Oturo or tuna which Looks like one in the mouth ...) mmmmmm

One is a cook, the other is raw. It will make a difference. If you want to eat raw salmon, make sure it is clean and try it with sushi :)

It's so different!

Raw salmon tastes much better!

It is less salty than smoked salmon.

Dip in soy sauce (the type used in nineteen restaurants) e. Good taste!

I don't like to take it with Wasa Tugh, it spoils the taste a bit.

Get one now! : D

Fresh raw salmon tastes like raw salmon.

The taste is more fishy than tuna, but when fresh, it can be described as a sea flavor rather than a fish. I think it's more texture than taste. Most people don't like sushi, they prefer texture over flavor. This is the conquered part.

Like raw salmon

What Does Raw Salmon Taste Like