What Does Rated G Mean

What Does Rated G Mean

What do the G, PG, PG13, R and NC17 movie rating symbols mean?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. G-Rating is not a certificate of registration or a children's film.

Some types of language may go beyond polite speech, but these are common everyday impressions. There is no strong word in rap. It's minimal. And the scene doesn't exist, and there's no content to use.

PG is a film that parents should watch to see if they allow their children to participate. The PG label makes it clear that parents consider certain ingredients inappropriate for their children, but leave the decision to the parents. Parents will be notified and their children will be sent a PG rated film that has never been seen and without investigation. The subject matter of the PG-rated film itself may require parental guidance. Pornography can be seen in these movies. It can be short or short. However, these elements were not considered strong enough to guarantee immediate parental warning, contrary to parental guidance recommendations. PG rated movie has no useful content. The PG rating, which recommends parental guidance, is therefore a tip for parents to review movies to determine if their children are watching them. Clearly this line is difficult to draw. In our pluralistic society, it is not easy to make decisions without different opinions. As long as parents know they have to fulfill their parental responsibilities, classification serves as a goal and a warning.

Therefore, PG13 is a more serious warning for parents, especially when deciding which movies are not suitable for young children. Parents are advised to pay attention to the presence of their minors through classification. A PG13 movie is a film that, in the opinion of the review committee, exceeds the PG rating in terms of subject matter, sensitivity, language or other content, but does not fall into the R category. At least one PG13 rating is required. For use of all materials. In fact, PG13 is tougher than usual, prompting parents to pay special attention to the film if they allow their children under 12 to participate. If you have a general acquaintance, movies do not usually fall into the PG13 category. If it is too high or continuous, the film passes an R (limited) rating. The single use of one of the most difficult words, often completed as a strong expression in a film, requires the jury to give the film a minimum PG13 rating. More than one of these expletives should assign an R rating to a film to the jury, and only one of these words is used in the annual context. However, these films may receive less stringent ratings if the ratings committee, by special vote, determines that the lower ratings more responsibly reflect the views of American parents.

PG13 gives parents more responsibility for their children and movies. The voluntary scoring system is not and should not be a surrogate parent. It cannot and should not be part of a family decision that only parents can make. The purpose is to provide pre-selected information alerts so that parents can make their own decisions. PG13 is designed to facilitate parental decision making for movies between PG and R.

A As the committee reviewed, the film contains content. Parents are encouraged to learn more about this film if they allow their children to participate. Rated films may include strong language, other elements, or a combination of the five, so parents are encouraged to take this warning very seriously.

The NC17 review states that the review committee considers it a film that most parents also consider for their children under the age of 17. No children are accepted. NC17 does not necessarily mean pornography or graphic in the legal or generally accepted sense of the word. The board cannot and will not tag movies with these words. This is a legal term that should be decided by the court. The reasons for using the NC17 score can be excessive and deviant behavior, or anything that most parents, if any, consider too strong and therefore inaccessible to their children.

G = General Aunt

PG = Parental Guidance

PG13 = Parental supervision for children under 13.

R = 17 years or older.

NC17 = a person 17 years of age or younger.

They stand for movie ratings. Each movie has a rating. G means suitable for everyone. PG means advice to parents. Some materials may not be suitable for children. PG13 means more warnings. Maybe strong language, common content, some use. Some materials may not be suitable for children under 13 but may not meet the strict R rating. R means limited. Parents need to know more before this movie allows them to watch. Children under the age of 17 are not allowed without parents. Strong or persuasive language, usage, graphics, or language that may appear in a movie R NC17 means tough. No one under the age of 17 can watch the NC17 movie. Some may be graphics, some may be very powerful (sorry I did not mention this in any other review). Language etc.

What Does Rated G Mean