What Does R And R Mean

What Does R And R Mean

What do R and R mean? Is that what you spell or ounce? ۔

I heard in the film that there was no trace etc. But it may be a question, but I do not say or use this phrase, I just want to know what it means.

Chhota R and R .... ????

I don't know in which category to put it.

Thank you very much

r & r = Relax and relax.

Used in military terms to mean time outside the front lines (such as inside the Green Zone in Iraq). Widely used in the Vietnam War, referring to time spent in Saigon, Nolulo or Olongapo, Philippines.

The soldiers and sailors themselves called it i & i, which means drunk.

Rest and relax

As far as I know, the term means rest and relaxation, although I believe that rest and relaxation, rest and relaxation, etc. also apply.

R and R = comfort and ease.

Some R&R = relax and unwind.

Resting and relaxing is military service ...

What Does R And R Mean