What Does Pst Mean

What Does Pst Mean

What does crochet mean? ۔

I tried the new template and it says pst on the following DC.

pst means to post around the next ■■■■■■. You actually weave around the ham instead of sch. There are front and back post layouts, which means you can edit the outline from the front of the post or from the back of the outline.

Abbreviation of Pst

In general, the template describes an acronym somewhere. Otherwise, I only get one compliment on the Coates & Clark website.

PST (Puff Sch):

[I and LP] 4 times, all in the same DC, I shoot up to 8 LPS, me and shoot up to 2 LPS is still fine

This sketch will be engraved on the surface of your work to see if it matches the image.

I now.

Added: As another poster pointed out, there is a posting scheme, but the common abbreviations are fpst and bpst, for front and back posting schemes, as they can take two different forms.

That means post.

Instead of putting OK in the upper loop, wrap it around Sch-post. If you do not know what a pole is, look at your work and see if the double hooks form a kind of pole or rod so that you can slide your finger on either side of the fabric.

Or patty ...

I just saw your question and I know the answer if you still need ...

pst means p sh ready ...

Knit one, then take the picture below and move it to the fabric, but don't knit it.

Then, as usual, make the next one, and when you say silence, do the same in the whole row, where there is silence.


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What Does Pst Mean