What Does Promiscuous Mean

What Does Promiscuous Mean

What is meant by breaking a promise?

1. Usually random: There are many random or random relationships

2. Non-Discrimination Fee: Calculation of negligent or non-discriminatory cost

3. Consciously mixed: randomly mixed or tangled (formal)

rand. Random: occurs for a specific quantity, a specific pattern or a specific time (literature)

Sails that are blowing in the wind

[In the early 17th century. <Latin Sermon, literally found before <matching to mix]

The meaning of

What Does Promiscuous Mean

What Does Promiscuous Mean

This definition consists of various elements that are mixed or mixed without classification or distinction.

Characteristic of lack of specific discrimination, indiscriminate intervention or involvement of many people

Sometimes there are no plans or goals

Mixed synonyms, hidden, messy, RSC

Mly looks weak, open, selfish, pious

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Promise breaking is common or vice versa.

And especially in terms of joint activities with multiple partners.

But it can also be used in other contexts.


When someone is called a shaker, it means that they have a regular and sincere relationship, especially a temporary relationship (a stand). Spoken: Irregular, informal, casual.

One is that you like gold. Do you like a lot of companies?

Loose or light or in the right direction around the block.

What Does Promiscuous Mean