What Does Platonic Mean

What Does Platonic Mean

What does Plato mean?

It has many meanings, but it is mostly used to describe the unusual relationship between two people.


"Adjective 1, a relative or characteristic of Plato or his teachings: Platonic philosophy of ideal forms.

2. Combine, suggest, or characterize Platonic love as an attempt to love spiritual or ideal beauty.

3. (Most rarely) without purely spiritual spiritual sexual desire, especially in a relationship between two opposite people.

4. Feeling or expressing Platonic love (usually in the lower case): He insists that he is completely Platonic in his definition.

Absolutely Plato

Too platonic means no romantic interest.

You meet people under the guise of friendship, without any hidden romantic motives.

For example. I like this boy Definitely a very Platonic taste!

Too platonic means no romance ... just friends.

What Does Platonic Mean