What Does Perplexed Mean

What Does Perplexed Mean

What does the word entangled mean?

And you can use that word in one sentence.

Another condition of agreement.

I have read American tax laws and I am confused.

Surprised: Confused, convinced, reasonable, surprised.

The villager, the fat shop, sadly handed the bubbly glass to the merchant, who looked a little confused.

Confusion ... Many things become one and confusing words become complicated.

Confused adj 1) All uncertainty is confused.

2) Full of complex difficulties.

Attempts to reconcile proportionality and opposition to the ■■■■■ penalty have left senators confused about confronting it in presidential debates.

Confusion | plexiglass | Verb [trans. ] (Often confused) [as adjusted] (confused) A confused question. complicated کیس Complicated or guessing dates (case): The subject itself is tangled.


I am surprised that some people find it very difficult to find words in the dictionary.

He is confused, confused with language etc.

It means awareness or confusion.

What Does Perplexed Mean

What Does Perplexed Mean

That means lost. For example, I was amazed that a confusing common word could be so vague.

Really means consé. Very shocked or upset

After spending some time on my math test, I'm still confused.

What Does Perplexed Mean