What Does Pedantic Mean

What Does Pedantic Mean

What is meant by superficial and pedantic? ۔

I've met this term a few times lately and I'm really interested in the expression.

Making pedantics an adjective is described as taking great care of small details, especially when it comes to tea.

While shallow, on the other hand, shallow or shallow.

Help? please?

When there is a pedantic, they are related to details that many people consider less important. Literally people sometimes lose their focus on the more important points and focus on the trivial and trivial. That is why many pedantics are also called shallow. His obsession with small details lacks depth.

That said, one pedantic person can read a pretty philosophical page and just point out spelling and grammatical errors, while another can forgive a missing comma and compliment the page for what he or she is trying to do. And the language he uses. Some would say that the literal application of the pages is so superficial that it does not go beyond the simple rules of spelling and grammar.

Pedantic means no imagination. The understanding of learning from books is that a person only has information provided by others, but it is not related to his understanding. He is smart, but he does not speak or he has no imagination.

In a society where relevance and knowledge are valued, pedantry will be a good thing. In a society where creativity and unpretentious expression are valued, this is a very bad thing and is often used as a very cruel insult.

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Shallow and literal

I found this answer short and literal.

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What Does Pedantic Mean