What Does Pc Mean

What Does Pc Mean

What does PC mean in a letter?

| Some companies have started using PC instead of CC, where PC stands for photocopy. The CC format usually contains the names of the people you are distributing copies to, and sometimes you can include their addresses. CC is at the end of the letter after the notes or initials for identification.

By the way, what does PC mean in technical jargon?

Personal computerAnd how do you add attachments to a letter?

The attachment is at the end of the letter, three lines below your signature or one line below your initials on the typewriter for a regular business letter. Of the seven key parts of a business letter, the attachment note is the last.

Similarly, you may be wondering what PC means on social media?

PC stands for image credits. The PC is used to give credit to the person who took a photo that you uploaded to social media. SC means silent laughter.

What does CC mean with letters?

These copies were called carbon copies. At the end of a business letter, cc would be followed by the names of the people who received copies of the original so that recipients know who else received them. In the context of the email, cc indicates to which other recipients the message was sent.

What does PS mean?


What is the full form of the pc?

  1. PC is short for PC or IBM PC. 2) Personal computer (PC) can also refer to any relatively inexpensive small computer designed for a single user.

What does PC in prison mean?


What does a children’s PC mean?

PC Babies, Riley, Bailey, Harper, River and Emory, are the sons of PC Principal and Strong Woman after having sex in Splatty Tomato. In the episodes, they are used as a unit to refer to the young adults of the Snowflake generation who are very politically correct and easily offended.

What does P mean in PC?

On the computer, P stands for Personal in PC, which stands for PersonalComputer.

What does RAM mean?

Random Access Memory

What does the abbreviation PCS mean?


What does WWW mean?

World Wide Web

What does F mean in chat?

So when someone says F in chat, it basically means showing you respect.

What does SMH mean sexually?

SMH literally means to shake the head, but is used to express general disapproval, irritation and frustration. It is used when someone says something you disagree with. (According to the UrbanDictionary, it’s used when someone thinks something is so stupid that no words can do it justice.)

What does DM mean sexually?

Over the past few years, the DM slide has become a new online dating post. Sneaking into DMs is slang to send a direct message to someone on Instagram or Twitter, often with romantic intentions. One day he sent me a special message.

What does CC mean on social media?

Carbon copy

How do I send a letter?

Top Tips for Properly Addressing an Envelope

What and Can You Attach an Envelope to a Letter?

An attachment attached:, Attachment or Enc. inform the recipient that additional material (such as an article or technical article) is attached to the letter.

How do I create a cover letter?

Purpose of a cover letter

What parts does a business letter consist of?

A business letter consists of six parts.

Which comes first CC or Cabinet?

CC notation usually includes the names of the people you are distributing copies to, and sometimes you can include their addresses. CC is written at the end of the letter after the attachment notes or identifying messages. Is

CC capitalized?

But for those of you who got into business after leaving carbon paper, the written version of cc doesn’t get tinged with history. For you, cc just means copy, copy. If you’re sending copies to multiple people, list the names alphabetically (by last name) or by organizational level.

What Does Pc Mean