What Does Papi Chulo Mean

What Does Papi Chulo Mean

What does papi cholo mean in Spanish?

For Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, Papi Cholo means boy Mac Daddy, Papa!

He who rules and swears gives you a gift. It doesn't work for you and it is important that you get up in bed and bring a wife with you. Be able to roll enough.

It's amazing how you can feel it when you use your hands.

Impossible, but if it is, it does exist.

I ... Grandpa, you love me so much. Cat Papi Chulo ... My juice is messed up.

This slag can be translated as Sweet Daddy or TDD. The term refers to a person whom other people find very attractive and, in some cases, may also mean that the person is a gambler. When someone says they are good parents, it means a lot of women are behind them (or a lot of men, if that means men).

Tricks, but only if you refer to a handsome and charming man.

Meaning almost cute or cute / cute.

What Does Papi Chulo Mean