What Does P Mean

What Does P Mean

What does p mean in email? ۔

This is the face that is beyond you. (Look, he tilts his head to the left. The dots make the eyes a little ... and the mouth is a little straight as the P comes out ... more or less ...) Generally understood as a play. Goes a few sentences at a time to let the recipient know you're not serious.

Because Haven Ford made a serious comment.

...: of the.

That means they are looking for you. When you say you are stupid, it can be a stupid sign. You can also use it as a side whisper, but this use is often rare. I think it helps. Cool l wear it!

: p means the emotion of the emoticon comes from the right side and your eyes turn to the left. Josh came from MSN Messenger.

Wait (new, new!)

It's like leaving home. : = Eyes and P =.

What Does P Mean